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                           *** Gui4Cli ***
              An interpretive GUI programming language
                   (c) 1995-1999 by D.C.Keletsekis

           Introduction.           ToolTypes & Options    
           Program Operation       Visual Editing      
           Programming GUIs        The GUI loader      
           Advantages/Features     Author/Bugs/Licence 

                   Important Background Information  

        *  G u i 4 C l i   C o m m a n d s  :

    Parser commands       NewFile, TextFile
    Global commands       WinBig, Wintype, ResInfo, ShareMenu...

    Events                Gadgets, Listviews, xOnLoad, xTimer..
    Graphics              xTextBox, Line, Gauge..
    Event modifiers       GadID, Attr, GadTitle...

   E v e n t   c o m m a n d s :

    Controling Gadgets    SetGad, Update, Redraw..
    Control Statements    if/endif, ifexists, Gosub, stop
   ..the ones below can also be sent as arexx commands..
    DOS commands          Run/Launch, SendRexx, Wait, Action..
    Handling guis         GuiLoad, GuiOpen, Info...
    Handling variables    SetVar, ParseVar, Extract, RepVar..
    Listview commands     LVUse, LVDel, LVAdd, LVClip...
    Multimedia            Images, Sounds, Speach, Palette...
    Various commands      ReqFile, EZReq, MakeScreen, BreakTask..

                       Index of all the commands     


                  Click on the Demo.gc icon to begin.

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