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  ARexx & Gui4Cli

  Gui4Cli tries to be as ARexx friendly as possible.
  Communication between them is achieved in two ways :

  - Sending messages to ARexx :

  This is done with the  SendRexx  command.

  - Sending ARexx messages to Gui4Cli :

  Most of the event commands of Gui4Cli are "ARexx capable"
  i.e. they can be sent to Gui4Cli as arexx messages and 
  be executed as if they existed in a gui.

  The  detailed list  of commands will show you which are
  ARexx capable and which are not.

  When sending arexx commands to Gui4Cli from an arexx
  program, there is a  global variable  named *REXXVAR which has
  special meaning. 

  You use it as you would any global variable from within
  Gui4Cli, but if the arexx program sending the command has
  declared OPTIONS RESULTS then the contents of this variable 
  will be returned to arexx and will be available from within 
  arexx as variable RESULT. So...

      SetVar  "*REXXVAR"  "'$mygui.gc/myvar'"

  ..would put whatever is in $mygui.gc/myvar into RESULT.
  Note the use of the quotes: one set for arexx, another for
  Gui4Cli (since $mygui.gc/myvar could be a string of words).

  Also, if you set OPTIONS RESULTS you will cause the Gui4Cli 
  command you have sent from an ARexx program to be executed
  synchronously. This has the advantage of returning a result.

  Without OPTIONS RESULTS the execution is asynchronous.