Official Programme


7 am - 7.30 am Morning Exercise, by the Gulf of Töölö
9 am - 12 noon Plenary Session: - Finlandia Hall, main hall

Chairman of the session:

Tolunay Özdurmaz, SI Treasurer

Environment - Interactive Panel :

"Playing God Without Knowing the Rules?"

Chairman of the panel:

Mady Molitor, SI Programme Co-ordinator

Christine Söderlund

Kathy Kaaf

Economic and Social Development - Interactive Panel :

"Women’s Spending Power"

Chairman of the panel:

Ralda Forzin, SI Programme Co-ordinator

Valerie Evans

Katherine Mayer

Indrani Manuel

Evi Wunder

12 noon - 2 pm Lunch, Finlandia Hall / Hotel Inter-Continental
2 pm - 4.30 pm Plenary Session: - Finlandia Hall, main hall

Chairman of the session:

Hilary Page, SI President

Keynote Speaker

Scholastica Kimaryo, Representative of UNICEF

Human Rights/Status of Women - Interactive Panel :

"Trafficking & Teenage Girls: How to Help our most Vulnerable Youth"

Chairman of the panel:

Dawn Marie Lemonds, SI Programme Co-ordinator

Dr. Juliette Engel, Guest Speaker

Dr. Anele Heiges, Guest Speaker

Roswitha Benesch

Erika Leonhartsberger

6 pm "Light Summer Night" organised by Finnish sisters.

Various locations around Helsinki area.

Buses depart from the Finlandia Hall at 6 pm

Please present your ticket at the bus door.

Accompanying persons' programme

Professional excursion: Kone Corporation 9 am - 3 pm

Departure for the tour from the Finlandia Hall tour departure point.

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