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Welcoming Messages
Hilary , Patsy and Irmeli

    Message of SI President Hilary

    Dear Soroptimists,

I have the pleasure and pride to invite Soroptimists from all around the world to join together for our XVI Soroptimist International Convention from 4 - 8 july 1999.

Helsinki, a city of many islands and peninsulas, fine buildings, art galleries, museums and unspoilt surroundings awaits you.

Meet old friends,make new friends, exchange ideas, learn more about each others' countries and cultures, and plan for the future as we consider together Tomorrow's Global Voice - our Convention theme. The programme of challenging speakers, interactive panels, open discussions, and exhibitions of Soroptimist service at local, national and international levels, combined with a wonderful social programme will stimulate and delight you.

1500 Finnish Soroptimists are planning to welcome you to Finland and enjoy their hospitality in the "land of the midnight sun" - 20 hours of daylight each day. Please do not disappoint them. BE HERE and bring your family and friends with you. We need your participation to ensure this is a Convention that no-one attending will ever forget.

Hilary Page
SI President 1997-1999


  Message of SI IP President Patsy

   Dear Soroptimists,

All Soroptimist members, their families and friends, are invited to attend the XVI Soroptimist International Convention. Helsinki, a city of great delight and history, will enchant all in attendance. The warm and wonderful members of the Finnish Union are working very hard to be sure your time in Finland will be memorable.

Every four years we meet to celebrate our organisation, our achievements and the wonderful gift of friendship we all enjoy. We also meet to take a serious look at the future and work to find new ways to become even more effective within our organisation and in our service to our local communities and the community of the worid.

In Helsinki, we will beon the brink of a new millennium. Your attendance and participation can and will make a difference. So, please come and enjoy all of the opportunities open you !

Patsy Daniels
SI President 1995-1997


  Message of SI 1999 Convention Chair Irmeli

   Dear Soroptimists,

It is such an honour and a pleasure to greet you all very warmly welcome to Finland! The 1500 Soroptimists of this country have been excitedly working for the preparations for a few years already, to ensure you all a most wonderful Convention.

About 70% of Finland is covered by forests. This green gold forms the basics of the Finnish economic wealth, but it is also a source of mental stimulation and vigour.From the nature the Finns have adopted the beauty of clean and stark lines reflected in the daily environment. Nature has also been a source of inspiration for writers, as well as artists and composers.

Out of a population of 5,2 million 2,6 are women. The Finnish women are well-educated and socially active. In part, this is due to the relatively good social benefits that help women to do their share in working and social life as well as at home.

Finland boasts a high standard of living with Nordic welfare. It is a high technology country thanks to high standard of education as well as sour industries. Finnish telecommunications, mobile phones and technology are well known around the world.

Finland celebrated her 8Oth anniversary as an independent nation in December 1997. The republic has, since her independence, been governed by a 200-member, single-chamber parliament. The Head of the State is the president, elected for six years. Finland is a member of the European Union since 1995 and will chair the Union in the latter half of 1999.

Be most welcome to meet the Finns. Enjoy the Convention !

Irmeli Torssonen
SI 1999 Convention Chair