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XVI CONVENTION 4-8 July 1999
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The Finns feel proud of their clean and beautiful nature. The green forests and blue lakes; the rocky islands of the Baltic Sea and the fells in Lapland are all part of the Finnish identity, but offer also unforgettable experiences to a visitor. The distinctive features of the scenery are enchanced by the course of the seasons and the sunlight. What is truly exotic is to experience Finnish midsummer when the sun does not set, or midwinter with no sun at all.

About 70 per cent of Finland is covered by forests. This green gold forms the basics of the Finnish economic wealth, but is also a source of mental stimulation and vigor. Many open-air sports, such as cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, yachting, and golf give energy to daily working routine.

From nature the Finns have adopted the beauty of clean and stark lines reflected in the daily environment. Nature has also been a source of inspiration for writers, as well as artists and composers.


Out of a population of 5, 1 million 2.6 million are women. The Finnish woman is well-educated and socially active. In part, this is due to the relatively good social benefits, which help women do their share in working and social life as well as at home. As an example can be cited that the parents of children under three years of age are entitled to stay at home to look after their child, and thereafter to return to their former job.

Women are active in working life nearly as often as men. In 1993, 61 per cent of the women in the age bracket of 15 - 74 years were part of the labor force. 41 per cent of women over 15 years old had a professional training, and 5 per cent held an academic degree.

As early as in 1906, the first in Europe, Finnish women were entitled to vote in a parliamentary election. Today there are 67 women MPs in the 200 - member Finnish parliament, and six of them are under 30 years of age. Out of the 18 cabinet ministers seven are women. As an example can be cited that the speaker at the parliament and the foreign minister are women.


Simultaneously, Finland is a high - technology country owing to the high standard of education. One example is the paper machinery industry where Finland is the worid leader. Finland has also a pioneering position in telecommunications, particularly in developing mobile phones and network technology. Product names such as Nokia Mobile Phones or Kone Elevators are known everywhere.

Shipbuilding is another industry where Finland has achieved a leading position. Icebrakers and ocean cruisers represent the state of the art. Even pharmaceutical products, such as contraceptives and cures for breast cancer or heart malfunction, are of a high standard and generally known.

In order to remain competitive, Finnish industry continues to invest in new improved technology, which is also more friendly environmentally. The basis for the development and new ideas is research work carried out in twenty universities in various parts of Finland,


On 4 - 8 july, 1999, the XVI Soroptimist International Convention will be arranged in Finland, in the city of Helsinki, which is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Finland will offer an ideal venue for the Convention because of her location and other facilities. Helsinki is the capital of Finland 'The Daughter of the Baltic'. Spread over numerous islands and peninsulas, its population less than 1 million, also spills over into quiet suburbs and the cities of Espoo and Vantaa. In addition to unspoilt surroundings and unique activities, Helsinki offers you well-known purpose-built facilities and services.There are 1500 Finnish Soroptimists. We want to arrange a memorable and warm Convention to all participants. The preparatory work is well under way.

Meet Your Friends at the Finlandia Hall - SI Convention Venue!
Finlandia Hall is the most important cultural and modern conference venue in Helsinki. Centrally located within a walking distance of our convention hotels. The Finlandia Hall is a creation of master architect Alvar Aalto.

Experience the Programme Highlights !
  • Challenging Speakers and Panels
  • Culmination of 1995 - 1999 SI project - S.I.A.M.
  • Announcement of new SI project for 1999 - 2003
  • Meet Your Friendship links
  • Experience Finnish Hospitality
  • Special Friendship lounge at the Convention venue
  • Soror Optima Golf for golf lovers
Enjoy the White Summer Nights and Finnish Hospitality !
During the Convention you will have the opportunity to enjoy Finland's reputation as 'the land of the midnight sun'. Even in southern Finland there are more than 20 hours of daylight - enough time to meet your international friends. Finland offers glamour and the opportunity for convention and accompanying guests to take part in many Finnish hospitality events.

Before the Convention, a FriendshipWeek will be celebrated with Finnish clubs entertaining members of their Friendship Link clubs. The idea is to get to know Finland and the Finns.

Join the Convention Tours and Excursions !
Post-convention tours will be arranged to the beautiful inland lake district and a Midnight Sun Flight Tour to Lapland in the North. Soroptimist tours will be organized to St.Petersburg, Russia and Tallin, Estonia and there will be a special cruise to Stockholm, Sweden and short excursions in Helsinki and its surroundings.

Welcome to Finland in 1999.

XVI Soroptimist International Convention 1999
Local Organizing Committee

SI Convention
TSG - Congress Ltd
Kaisaniemenkatu 3 A 7 a
00100 - Helsinki, Finland
Fax : ++ 358 9 667 675


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